What year was the hospital founded?

The children’s hospital building is named after a donor. What is the building’s name?

Including St. John’s, how many hospitals fall under the HSHS umbrella?

Which nursing college sits on St. John’s campus?

What are the core values of St. John's?

What does HSHS stand for?

What year was the renovated surgery center opened?

What are the names of St. John’s Children’s Hospital mascots?

How many babies are born each year at St. John’s?

Our mission is, “To reveal and embody Christ's healing love _______________ through our high-quality Franciscan health care ministry.” Fill in the missing words.

St. John’s Hospital became the first trauma center in Illinois as part of the nation’s first statewide system in 1971. Who was its first medical director?

What year was the groundbreaking of Prairie Heart Institute on St. John’s campus?

How many ORs are in the newly renovated surgery center?

How many pounds of blankets does HSHS Shared Laundry team clean for St. John’s every day?

What do patients request most often for dessert?

What is the most popular meal in the medical staff lounge?

On average, how many orders are placed in Epic at St. John’s every day?